Experience Corps




54% of students' phonemic

awareness skills increased a full

level after one school year.

100% of teachers reported that the Experience Corps members had an

impact on improving students'

motivation to learn.

AARP Experience Corps®

Studies show that children who are tutored demonstrate a high academic progress rate. In our efforts to help children achieve academic success, Carver Community is pleased to offer the academic mentoring program as part of our after school program.

Academic Enrichment uses the highly successful AARP Experience Corps® model. Experience Corps an award-winning program, engages people over 55 in meeting their communities' greatest challenges. Today, in 19 cities across the country, over 2,000 AARP Experience Corps members tutor and mentor elementary school students struggling to learn to read. Independent research shows that AARP Experience Corps boosts student academic performance, helps schools and youth-serving organizations become more successful, and enhances the well-being of the older adults in the process.

Mentors provide their particular set of skills to tutor and guide youths age 5-10 which participate in the Carver Youth Programs for an hour in an intimate one on one or small group setting. Participants use Developmental Studies Center programs such as KidzLit, KidzMath, and Science Explorer in addition to providing their wisdom and advice to guide the youth of today for a better tomorrow.

AARP Experience Corps is supported by public and private funders, including The Atlantic Philanthropies, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Corporation for National and Community Service (AmeriCorps), and the Deerbrook Charitable Foundation.  Locally the program is funded by Welborn Baptist Foundation and the Vanderburgh Community Foundation.

For additional information please visit the AARP Experience Corps website at http://www.aarp.org/experience-corps/ or contact Lorinda Taylor, Education Director at (812) 423-2612 or ltaylor@carverorg.org.

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