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Retired Senior Volunteer Program (R.S.V.P.)

RSVP is a nation-wide volunteer program in which volunteers are given the opportunity to help improve the lives of those who live in the Evansville-Vanderburgh area. Volunteers must be at least 55 years of age or older and willing to donate a few hours of their time a week to work with others to solve community problems and issues. Members receive free volunteer placement supplemental accident and liability insurance, and get the chance to utilize their particular set of skills to benefit the community.

RSVP makes a difference:

RSVP is funded by the Corporation for National and Community Service and relies heavily on the generosity of local agencies and those 55 and older who volunteer their time to this organization.


Volunteers will provide homework assistance and serve as reading coaches to elementary school students as well as an opportunity to mentor youth.

Disaster Preparedness
Volunteers will assist with blood drives through recruitment, registering donors and assisting trained staff as needed.

Community & Economic Development
With support of community partners volunteers will make and send Christmas cards for children whose parents are incarcerated. Volunteers are also able to provide assistance at 24 United Way agencies such as:

In addition, you can assist elderly and low income individuals prepare their Federal, State and local income tax returns including help with their stimulus payment.

Human Needs/Housing
Volunteers will help seniors who are 65 and better with independent living by:

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do RSVP volunteers only serve the nonprofit community?
RSVP is a nonprofit whose mission is to serve its volunteers and the Evansville-Vanderburgh community. We offer our services to nonprofit organizations in fulfillment of our mission and our funding requirements.

What are the advantages of volunteering through RSVP rather than directly in my community. Either way it seems I am helping that organization!
By volunteering through RSVP you not only contribute directly to your organization, but also contribute to making your entire community a better place to live. By volunteering through RSVP you become part of the Senior Corp, a larger community of volunteers that has responded to the national mandate of volunteerism. We support special volunteer programs and provide listings of various job opportunities in the community. We contact the organization(s) for you, and we help you find a placement where you will be able to exercise your interests and use your skills. We also provide additional insurance which is free to you, while you are in transit or at your volunteer site. You will receive bimonthly newsletters. Additionally we plan social events, educational trainings, and volunteer recognition banquets. By reporting your hours to RSVP you support our mission of promoting volunteerism throughout the local community, the county and the state.

Why is it so important to report my hours?
When you report your hours we, in turn gather them to document our volunteers' sizeable impact on the community that we serve. Your reported hours enable us to continue the RSVP mission to promote volunteerism in the community, and enable us to provide placements for our volunteers and provide volunteer services to other non-profits.

I want to give back to my community, but I sometimes travel or leave for an entire season or holiday. Can you help me find something that will accommodate my busy schedule?
We have many kinds of volunteer opportunities to choose from: sporadic, seasonal, monthly and weekly—depending on your needs.

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